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Helping you through the up’s and downs of quitting smoking!

Welcome to the Giving up Smoking website.

Through the pages of this website we will be talking about all kinds of things that will hopefully inspire, help or get you to finally quit smoking cigarettes. We will be talking about some of the reasons why it is hard to stop smoking and many of the ways that you can try to stop. Also we will be giving you some pointers and ideas to help you along the way. It has been said and in my own experience it has been shown that giving up smoking is one of the hardest addictions to finally end, it is my hope that through you using the information supplied on this site that you can finally Quit for good.

I am not a medical professional or am I a Government agency, so why should you listen to me or even give this simple website your time.

Well in short you don't!

If you would like to read the thoughts of someone who has been a smoker for way too long. Who has tried many different ways to quit smoking then take some time from your day to read through the site and come back often as we will have regular updates. Maybe if enough interest we would set up a quit smoking forum/community, after all there is nothing worse than feeling you are alone when you are trying to stop smoking.

Thanks for visiting.

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"Never give up giving up"