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I put this site together to hopefully pass on some of the experiences I and others I know have had over the years. Being a smoker for over 25 years now... since I think I was 11 years old... well all the adults in my family did... a lot of my mates started so I thought it was something that should be done at the time... To be honest I wished I had more sense as over the years the amount of money I must of spent and the damage it must have done to my body must be huge!

Of course over the years I have tried and succeeded to stop smoking the longest being just under 2 years. A lot of the people who I have come to know in that time that have smoked have also had varying success at stopping smoking.

Its always bothered me really why some seem to make it easy while others struggle and never manage to give up at all.

So what can you expect from helpful hints and tips... things that have helped me and others around me.

Thanks for visiting.

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